Whether it is your first home or fifth, knowing what to expect in the process can be a great comfort to most borrowers.
Here is a synopsis of how the loan process works:


  1. You discuss your needs and goals with a loan specialist.
  2. The loan specialist will gather information from you on the loan application and get that signed by you, along with the proper disclosures required by law.
  3. In addition to the application and disclosures, you will need to send various income and asset documentation that will be used to verify your ability to repay the loan.
  4. A credit report will be obtained and the loan specialist will make you aware of any derogatory items on the credit that may need to be addressed.
  5. Once the credit has been analyzed and the application, disclosures, and income documents have been received, the loan specialist will compile that information and find you the best loan options to fit your personal needs.
  6. The loan specialist will deliver a pre-approved loan. This document is the maximum value for which you are pre-approved to buy. With this document, you and your Realtor begin the search and select the property that comes closest to your dreams.
  7. When the property you want to buy has been selected, the loan specialist will send you the information for this property .
  8. When a program has been decided upon by the borrower, the loan specialist will submit the loan package for processing.
  9. Once in processing status, a processor will order any verifications needed, as well as a title search and appraisal. The processor’s job is to collect all the items needed and prepare the loan file for the underwriter to review. Gathering all of this information can take several days and is greatly dependent on the borrower’s cooperation and the cooperation of the other people involved such as realtors, title companies, appraisers and the borrower’s employer and banking institutions.
    Sometimes the processor may contact the borrower to request additional documentation needed to complete the loan file to submit to the underwriter.
    NOTE: When purchasing a home, the borrower must contact a homeowner’s insurance company to arrange for hazard insurance coverage. It is recommended that this process begins at least two weeks before closing, in case there is an unforeseen issue, such as the home being in a flood zone.Once the borrower has decided which company will be used, that information must be forwarded to the mortgage company to prepare the policy for the closing.
  10. The underwriter has an extremely important role and is the one person that either approves the loan or declines it. The underwriter analyzes a borrower’s finances to determine if he or she is an acceptable risk for the mortgage lender to guarantee the funds to purchase the home or payoff the existing lien holder of the property. It is extremely important that the underwriter has all the documentation needed to build a strong financial picture because an underwriter’s job is on the line with every loan they approve. Their approval depends on their ability to approve good borrower files and decline weak ones to limit the risk of loss due to foreclosure and default.
    In reaching a decision on your application, the underwriter will take into consideration your income, credit, cash reserves and the property itself. If you meet the requirements of the guidelines for the program and the underwriter feels that you are a good risk, a conditional approval will be granted which will list the remaining items needed for the lender to issue funds to close the loan. If the underwriter feels that the file is too risky or outside of their lending guidelines, they will issue a denial and we may need to look at some alternative lending scenarios.
    Sometimes the underwriter will request additional information from the borrower to clarify or answer some questions about your financial picture.
    Remember that we are totally dependent upon convincing the underwriter to approve your loan, so please work with your loan specialist and processor to quickly gather any additional information that the underwriter may need. Many times we can get the information to the underwriter within 24 hours while they are still familiar with the file and can get an approval that same day. Once we have a conditional approval, we can prepare the documents for your closing.
  11. An appraisal will be completed on your property to determine the fair market value. The appraiser’s job is to determine the fair market value of the home you are buying or refinancing. Appraisers do this by verifying the physical characteristics of the house and land. This will be done through a personal inspection of the property to verify its condition, square footage, room count, construction materials used (brick, siding, etc.) and acreage.
    The appraiser will contact you to schedule the appraisal if it is a refinance, or contact the selling party if it is a purchase. The cost of an appraisal usually runs between $300 and $400.00, provided the property is not rural, hard to access, or of unusual size or acreage.This amount must be paid in advance, as appraisers are third party contractors and not part of our company.
    Once the physical characteristics have been verified, the value of the property must be determined by comparing your home to at least three similar homes in your area that have sold within the last 6 to 12 months. Once three homes that meet this criteria have been identified, the exact details of each home will be compared to yours and adjustments will be made to your home’s value based on each item detailed.
  12. A title search must be completed on your home before the execution of any new mortgage loan. A title search will identify any liens that have been recorded against your property, search the records at the courthouse to make sure the seller of the property has sole ownership and the legal right to sell the property and verify that all title and deed conveyances are in order.
  13. Once these items are cleared and verified, title insurance may be issued on the property,  insuring the owner and mortgage company against any claims  on the property.
  14. Once the underwriter has cleared the file and the title search and appraisal have all been reviewed and are acceptable, a closing can be scheduled.

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Biography: Sabrina Ozon

Sabrina is native of Buenos Aires Argentina, and she has been part of our team for the last four years, her background is in marketing and advertisement, she is our administrator assistant but also our marketing manager. Sabrina is our expert designer who works all of our marketing campaigns, business cards designs, training material assembly and social media materials.

Sabrina is a great asset for our company she brings support and Excellent service to our associates and her talent, creativity and dedication is a plus,

Always Available and very patient with our agents and customers, her primary goal is to provide the highest customer service and exceeds their expectations.

Sabrina manages every aspect of the transaction from illustrative listing presentations, signs, marketing flyers, open house and media advertising and all agents marketing needs.

Sabrina enjoys to spend time with her family; she loves the beach and drinks mate with friends and closed people.

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Biography: Yamilet Cue

Yamilet is originally from Matanzas Cuba; She studied Philosophy at the University of Matanzas “Camilo Cienfuegos” She handles all administrative aspect of the office.

Yamilet is very knowledgeable and an excellent resource for our agents when it goes to training material or filing process, she handles the contracts and commission disbursements along with all other transaction Files.

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Biography: Yunier Figueredo

Yunier is our HR Specialist and Agent Relation Manager, he handle the membership segment of our company, he is responsible to screen potential agents interesting on join our team, he find the right talent and is always looking for individual with great attitude, sales experience and self-motivate who wants to take their real estate career to the next level.
Yunier has a great sense of humor and outgoing personally, he enjoys meet new people and he is full happiness.

Yunier arranges management interviews by coordinating schedules and build sources of recruiting to invite real estate professionals to become part of our team.

He loves to travel around the world, he loves spend time with friend and is a great host, one of his favorite hobbies is going to the gym and the foreign food taste.

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Biography: Diana Orozco

Diana was born and raised in Colombia, South America, came to the United Estates very young and graduated in Naples High school. A few years later earned an associate of arts in business administration and marketing from the Edison Community College, and a major in communication and advertisement from University of South Florida USF; Simultaneity, Owned and develop the Hispanic newspaper "Nuevos Ecos" along with “Estilo Florida” Hispanic Real Estate magazine. Late in 2004, she began her career in real estate; serving the median and low-income families, helping them to find a place to call home. Since then, she specialized in government loans, county down payment and housing assistance, as well as the Florida hardest hit Programs.

Diana is a self-motivated and passionate about helping others; actively involved as a volunteer in different non-profit organizations and well recognized by the media for her strong media/ marketing background. On 2007 after the housing market crashed in SW Florida, she specialized in the management of distress assets and the mitigation process for short sales transactions. She established a strong relationship with lenders and financial institutions who far along in her career trusted her the management of their assets and made her one of the top ten distress/REO listing agents in Collier County. Today, she still handles distress properties, but now she has a team of twelve real estate agents who cover seventeen counties on the East and West coast of South Florida. She is an active member of several boards across South Florida and member of the East Coast housing development Group.

As a Broker/Owner of Xclusive Homes, She is proud to share her experience.

Twelve years of experience in the local real estate business.
1031 Exchange Specialist.
Florida certified Notary Public.
Attorneys Title Insurance Fund certified in Real Estate closing procedures

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Biography: Javier Canizares

Javier was born in Mexico City in 1944 has been a resident of Naples for the last 13 years, he holds a degree in Business Administration from National University of Mexico- 1968 and a Diploma in Business Direction Sponsored by Harvard University - 1995, he is fluent in English and Spanish.

He is the headmaster Mentor for our office and also a Broker Associate, NABOR Member since 2004, He has specialized in Residential Real Estate representing buyers and sellers in successful transactions and distress market for the last nine years.

He has been successful executing short sales and ensuring client satisfaction in the process.

Javier is uniquely qualified to meet the needs and wants of prospective buyers and sellers. He has been with Xclusive Homes for over three years. He appreciates that the brokerage offers a flat fee, 100% arrangement, and a profit share through the mentor program.

Javier is Married, and have three children and seven grandchildren. His hobbies include bowling, reading, traveling, family oriented activities and bicycling.

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Biography: Ernesto Velasquez

Ernesto is Originally from Colombia He has resided in the beautiful Southwest Florida town for over 13 years. He made his way from Boston Massachusetts to sunny Naples, Florida in 2004 when the area prospered and the real estate and construction market had a boom.

He finds in Naples a great town for him and his family. He enjoys walking Naples beautiful sandy beaches with his wife Julia and his little gemstone; his Granddaughter Juliana they are the biggest treasure of his life. What he loves most about the area is the abundance of golf courses, the white sand beaches, and the lifestyle.

Ernesto has over 20 years of experience as a Real Estate Broker from Boston Massachusetts, and he is one of the mentors in our office. He loves to teach and share his knowledge with our new associates through his experience on every transaction, and his passion is to be involved with the community and the civil organizations as well as he is an active member of the San Agnes Church.

Ernesto enjoys showing properties in all Naples Florida, especially waterfront properties, and golf communities. He has a wealth of information about Naples Real Estate, Gated Communities, Estate Homes, New Construction, and Naples Waterfront Properties.

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Biography: Gloria Velez

Gloria is an experience broker associate and rookie's mentor in our office; involved in Southwest Florida real estate industry for over ten (10) years. Her background comes from Colombia, South America where she holds a professional license of civil engineering; she also has a science's associate in accounting from Edison State College.

Gloria has a strong sales personality, and a heart to serve people, she loves to meet new people and help with "Solving the problem” weather be selling or buying she use all her knowledge and expertise.

Outside of work, Gloria likes to spend her time at the gym and bonding with her family. She has two sons of whom she is very proud; Matthew, 12, and David, 10, they are both actively soccer players, disciplined and good kids.

Gloria has served in multiple organizations and her tallies experience of years working as a real sales representative for developers in local communities. She is also a Public Notary and a 1031 Exchange specialist.

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Biography:Carlos Miranda

Carlos is originally from Colombia; He is bilingual speaking both English and Spanish. He resides in the beautiful Naples, Florida for the last 16 years.

Carlos has more than 18 years of experience in sales and customer service. Before his Real Estate career, Carlos spent many years in the Food & Beverage industry, while working in retail, he learned and developed skills in management, human resources, and public relations. He enjoys to teach with patience and dedication his coworkers and help them succeed on their first transactions; he is an excellent mentor and asset for our team.

He has achieved many awards from highest customer service, great attitude and dynamic behavior with his coworkers and clients.

He has specialized in residential and commercial real estate for over ten years. He has worked with clients around the US as well as people from all over the world including investors.

Carlos loves helping people make their dreams come true and achieve their goals; his hobbies includes bicycling, swimming, traveling to "La Alborada" his farm home closed to Medellin, Colombia, watch play soccer and cheer for his son "Carlitos" who proudly is a professional athletic champion.

Carlos is a very family oriented; he enjoys to spend time with his wife Liliana, his two daughters Paula, Isabel and his youngest son Carlos, along with his grandchildren.

You will find that He is honest, loyal, and committed to his clients. He is always available whether it be via phone, text, or email.

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